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What is Direct Primary Care?

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The true cost of health insurance

With the way the healthcare system is set up today, most patients rely on private or government insurance to get basic healthcare. Unfortunately, these insurance company “middlemen” get between the healthcare provider and the patient, often dictating how, when, and what type of care the patient will receive and denying payment for care not rendered according to their very specific requirements. Additionally, insurance company requirements for healthcare providers to get paid are increasingly complex and time-consuming, and providers are forced to hire expensive and numerous support staff. These additional burdens ultimately mean the provider is forced to see many more patients cover these costs. This leads to burned-out healthcare providers with far less time or energy to devote to each patient’s needs, in addition to higher insurance premiums to the patient. Fortunately, a health insurance alternative has a much better way to deliver basic primary care!

Eliminate the middlemen with Direct Primary Care

When the “middlemen” (health insurance companies) are taken out of primary care, you are left with a more direct relationship between yourself and your healthcare provider. This is a solution called Direct Primary Care. In most cases, your overall costs are significantly lower. Best of all, you have a healthcare provider that is free to give you much more attention, with whatever care that both of you feel is best! With Direct Primary Care, patients get better quality care at affordable prices. To learn how you can take part in the benefits of the health insurance alternative, Direct Primary Care, contact the Zenith Direct Care team. We’re happy to share details about our cost-effective membership pricing. Call us today!

Welcome to Zenith Direct Care
Utah's Largest Direct Primary Care Group

Zenith Direct Care provides a convenient, low-cost alternative to traditional health insurance. Our membership allows you to access your primary care provider for a low monthly fee whenever you need, without breaking the bank. When combined with a Health Cost Sharing Plan for any care outside of our office, you have a comprehensive healthcare solution that is often less than half the price of health insurance, with a far lower maximum out-of-pocket cost. With convenient locations in Salt Lake and Utah County, Utah’s largest Direct Primary Care group.