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Direct Care Alliance

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is growing in Utah and the options are increasing. We know this way of delivering health care is better for everyone, and we want to spread the message. If we can’t help you, please consider another of these fine DPC practices:

we are strong

Prices and terms are unique to these locations. Please carefully review the membership agreement for the location you choose.

Salt Lake City:

Kestrel Wellness

Provo & Spanish Fork:

Precision Medical Care

St. George:

Mobile Medicine

If you are an employer or other large group scattered across a wide area, we may be able to arrange a single membership rate and contract across several of these or other DPC associates. Call Aaron Monson at Zenith Direct Care to discuss your unique needs, 801-676-6161.
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We truly believe that everyone benefits as the DPC concept grows. If you sign up with any one of these groups, please mention Zenith Direct Care when they ask how you found them!