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3 Benefits of Direct Primary Care

A Direct Primary Care membership is a payment method where patients pay their physicians directly through periodic payments for a predetermined set of primary care services. The DPC contract provides regular, recurring monthly revenue to practices. Direct primary care memberships can sustain a practice’s finances, allowing the physicians and office staff to focus on the health and satisfaction of the patient rather than billing and coding. Patients benefit from the direct primary care model because of the broad range of healthcare services provided. Patients pay a monthly or annual flat rate for DPC. A direct primary care membership offers significant savings, longer and personalized doctor visits, and superior customer service. 

male doctor giving advice to female patient

1. Affordable Healthcare

Patients are directly paying their physician through their monthly DPC dues, eliminating the traditional insurance provider middle man. Between 25 and 33 cents of every dollar you pay towards your healthcare goes directly to insurance billing services when using a traditional insurance-based provider, making your healthcare costs higher. Using direct primary care can eliminate extra billing fees associated with traditional healthcare insurance, making your healthcare more affordable. Physicians can do this by offering low-cost x-rays, medicine, specialist services, and lab testing. Making healthcare more affordable through a direct primary care membership can add value to your experience with your physician. 

female doctor looking at x-rays

2. Great Customer Service

When a physician has to work with insurance companies to provide primary care services, they make less money. Meaning, they need to see more patients in a shorter amount of time. Using direct primary care memberships can eliminate this problem, as you are paying the physician directly. Through DPC, you can have a better experience at the doctor’s office with shorter waiting times, longer doctor visits, and personalized care. Remember, direct primary care provides these benefits because it is in the best interest of the doctor’s office to provide the best customer service to retain their patients.

3. Trustworthy Physicians

Patients seem to be increasingly suspicious of their physicians. Understandably, patients have a hard time trusting doctors due to the impersonal relationship and the way they are billed for services. Many doctor services cost more than what a patient feels is fair, but doctors charge more because of the traditional insurance system. The doctor-patient relationship is very important, and you should be able to trust that your physician is providing the best service possible. You won’t have to question your doctor as much with a direct primary care membership because you are paying them directly to work for you. The physician is rewarded with patient retention when they lower costs and provide great customer service, making the doctor-patient relationship more transparent and trustworthy.

female doctor giving advice to female patient

The Direct Primary Care Model Is For Everyone

Overall, the DPC model can benefit everyone looking for affordable healthcare with great customer service and trustworthy doctors. Direct primary care is an advantageous model for both patients and physicians, leading to a better experience and overall satisfaction for your primary care doctor visits. Physicians working with DPC focus on preventing the need for high-cost medical treatments by providing services to keep their patients healthy. Look into a direct primary care membership today to get access to affordable health care.