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Say Goodbye to the Common Cold and Hello to Direct Primary Care


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It's hard to believe that the first winter day is on December 21. By now, Riverton, Utah, has already received plenty of snow, and local ski resorts are in full swing for the season. Unfortunately, the temperatures have also dropped below freezing. If you're one of the few who stick around for the winter, you know it's about to get colder and snowier. If you have children, then you also know how prone they are to getting the common cold.

This blog will discuss how to avoid the common cold and save on health care with a direct primary care plan.

5 Ways to Avoid the Common Cold

  1. We all know the song head, shoulders, knees, and toes, but have you heard of eyes, mouths, and noses? That's right! The best way to avoid the common cold is to avoid touching your face. Now I know what you're thinking; I always tell my kids this! Sign up for a direct primary care membership with Zenith Direct Care to save on healthcare whenever your kids need to see a primary physician.

Side Note: What's a Direct Primary Care Plan?

A direct primary care plan is an alternative to traditional health insurance. Zenith direct primary care memberships allow you to see a primary physician for a low fixed monthly fee. This membership covers most of your medical expenses and eliminates insurance companies from the equation. Primary physicians can focus on the patient rather than being constrained by insurance requirements and bureaucratic red tape.

Doctors at Riverton Zenith Family Health are focused on the quality of healthcare rather than fulfilling insurance requirements. As a result, physicians can spend more time addressing patients' needs and improving their healthcare experience.

5 Ways to Avoid the Common Cold Continued!

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  1. Wash your hands the right way! Rub your hands, front and back, with soap and scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Remember to scrub between your fingers and underneath your nails.
  2. Clean your phone! Phones are a breeding ground for germs. Spray a disinfectant (with at least 70% alcohol) onto a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth and gently wipe all around the phone. Avoid spraying directly onto the device.
  3. Don't share water bottles! Just as eyes, mouths, and noses are off limits, so are sharing drink cups. Doing so easily spreads your germs.
  4. Get the flu vaccine at Riverton Zenith Family Health!


These are simple ways to avoid the common cold. In addition, your body needs nourishment and rest to stay healthy. However, if you need to see a doctor, get covered today with a direct primary care membership! Experience the difference with adequate attention and fixed low monthly payments. Call Zenith Direct Care in Riverton to get the medical coverage you deserve!